Spray for Change

One of the first little projects I completed was to paint the cement planters on the stoop.

They’re not really my style to begin with, and seemed dull. Especially given that our house is white with pale trim… Adding more dull

I used some Rustoleum Universal Hammered  in Copper and sprayed them down. It took a couple coats as the cement soaked up the paint. Added some new flowers and done!

The little geranium was a gift from our new neighbors.

Next, I worked on updating some light switch plates and a light fixture.

Mostly we used basic white switch plates. A couple we got nicer ones for. For our laundry/mud room though, we had a gold light fixture which had yellow paint on it from when the ceiling was painted.

So, we used the leftover Rustoleum in copper to paint both.

While we were spray painting, we went ahead and painted a couple other items.

I had a small storage bench I’d bought a few years back at a second-hand market in Kansas City. I liked its functionality, but never cared for the color. And I had the perfect place for it in my room.

I picked up a large mirror at a Goodwill a long while back. It used to hang in a bathroom and hadn’t been used in two moves. I wanted to hang it in my bedroom, over my dresser.

My work moved buildings over last summer. We swapped buildings with another department. They left behind a lot of random belongings which were out on a table for anyone to take. I found a small desk-top bookshelf that I thought had potential. I imagined it going on top of my dresser to hold the books I cycle through.

A friend had given me a small side table. I thought it was cute. But, again, a bit dated in color. I thought it would work well by the current sofa to hold a lamp until we get around to updating the living room furniture.

We primed with Rustoleum Self-Etching Primer. Then used the Ace brand white spray paint on top that we had from other past projects. No sanding required.

(After photos pending.)

I am mystified how a little can of spray paint can make such big changes. I love when things match, or at least “go together”. It makes me happy. While I like the shape of all of these things, none of them matched. It would have made me irritated to see them all in the same room. Painted… I kind of feel like I have my life together.


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