I knit.

I crochet.

I desperately want a loom so I can weave.

I love color.

And soft yarn.

On a good day, my workplace is pandemonium. There are a million moving parts and I drive most of them. I love it. It changes every day and I am never bored. I am reminded constantly of how hard the world and so many of the people in it can be.

When I come home, I want soft and nice and quiet.

Rhythmic clicking of needles. Soothing motion of hands. Feeling of fiber slipping through fingers. It comforts me.

I am sure I will post about projects in the future, but I want to share one of my favorite features of our house.

The moment I saw it, I knew what it would be.

Our house has an original built-in cabinet in the dining room. It’s likely designed to hold dishes or fancy trinkets. In my house, though, it holds the yarn.




It didn’t latch when we moved in. My husband took his drill and added an indention to hold a small magnet. He hammered a couple tiny nails into the facing. And voila! It holds nicely until we have earthquakes. I added some pretty shelf liner I picked up at Dollar Tree (it’s in my kitchen cabinets and drawers as well).



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