More Paint

One of the things I least liked about our house was the fireplace. Or, more specifically, the hearth.

We can’t afford to tear out the old, ugly-ass tile just yet. But every time I was in the room I remembered how very much I loathed the look of it.

The previous owner says it is original to the house. Usually, I like old stuff. I do not like this.


I hate the colors. I hate the design (if you can even call it that). I hate that it doesn’t go with anything else in the house. I hate that it looks dirty (the fireplace is not functional any longer).

So, one day when I could no longer stand to look at it, I painted it.

I used the same Dutch Boy Cabinet and Trim paint I mentioned in a previous post in the color Waimea White for the hearth and brick. I used Rustoleum Metallic Accents that was left over from painting an accent wall in the kid’s room for the firebox.

I added a silver tray and white candles from IKEA to dress it up a bit. I plan to add more candles on my next trip to IKEA (they were out of the largest ones when I visited).


It needs a bit of touch up, but otherwise, I love it. I can live with this for a long while until we can have the hearth re-done in a gorgeous tile (I’m leaning toward mother-of-pearl tile).

Bonus pic: Since I mentioned the accent wall… Our offspring likes to make art. She wanted a “gallery wall” in her room where she can display her varied paintings, drawings, and other works of art and craft. A couple coats of the Rustoleum Metallic Accent did quite nicely. She loves it.




This is our house.

Our House

It has been well-maintained and well-loved by it’s previous owners.

However… Previous owner, lovely as she is, had much different taste in paint colors than I did.

I work in chaos. I want to come home to serenity and peacefulness. You know, as much as is possible when raising a teenager and a bossy corgi.

Here is a composite of the original colors.

  • Living Room: Purple-ish grey with darker grey-ish purple trim (extremely had to photograph – trust me, it was purple).
  • Laundry/Mud Room: Bright yellow. The longer you looked at it the, yellower it got.
  • Hall: Flat white.
  • Bedroom: Brown.
  • Kitchen: Glow-worm. Electric, radioactive glow-worm.
  • Bathroom: PURPLE.
  • Master Bedroom: Also brown.
  • Dining Room: Light yellow.

Fun fact: I hate purple and brown. I don’t like yellow very much. And while Kelly Green is my favorite color ever, I rarely like other shades of green. So… We had to paint the whole of the upstairs.

Thankfully, I had some help picking paint samples.

There is one color in the photo that we didn’t use (upper left corner) as we later decided to use the same trim color in all of the rooms. They’re laid out  like the house.

  • Top Row
    • Kitchen: Dutch Boy Grey-cious and Dutch Boy Waimea White (trim)
  • Second Row
    • Front Door: Dutch Boy Lapis Enamel (the small patch of dark blue to the left – we haven’t painted it yet, sadly.)
    • Living Room: Dutch Boy Fantasy Grey
    • Dining Room: Dutch Boy Silk Lace
    • Laundry/Mud Room: Dutch Boy Peach Froth
  • Third Row
    • Bedroom: Dutch Boy Fanciful Blue
    • Hall: Dutch Boy Bay Fog
    • Master Bedroom: Dutch Boy Edge of Night
  • Bottom Row
    • Bathroom: Dutch Boy Edge of Night

You can probably guess which one is the kid’s room.

We used Dutch Boy Platinum for all of the walls and Dutch Boy Cabinet and Trim for the trim (and someday for the kitchen cabinets). I also used the Cabinet and Trim to cover some tile in our fireplace, which I will show in a future post.

This paint was wonderful. Nearly always done in one coat. Big transitions, of course, were the ones that needed some touching up (seriously – that glow-worm  did not want to die). I looked at paint samples/chips from a large number of brands. I didn’t even realize until making this post that ALL of the colors we chose were from Dutch Boy.

We bought our paint at Menard’s when they had an 11% rebate going on. We used the rebates to buy things we wanted but didn’t really need, like a chainsaw.

Here are photos of our rooms after painting.

  • Living Room
  • Dining Rom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Hallway
  • Master Bedroom
  • Bedroom
  • Laundry/Mud Room

Much better!

Edit: I just realized that we did use a Valspar color on the ceiling of the Laundry/Mud Room. Basically, we just needed to paint it and I was tired and didn’t want to drive far, so I went to our local Ace (which is amazing) and picked a color they had. It is called Moonbeam and it went on wonderfully as well. We’ve also used this color to paint a cabinet and legs of a countertop/table we built for the room.

Belated Update

It’s been a year since I last posted.

We closed on our house at the end of April.

We painted every room over the next three weeks.

We moved in mid-May, and it rained the entire month. It was the wettest month on record for the 48 continuous US states (2nd wettest ever for our Kansas). We managed to get all of our belongings out of the basement only a few hours before it flooded for the first time since we lived in that house. I think I’m still a bit damp.

Two weeks later, a friend of mine was murdered. And before I could really grieve and process another good friend died of complications from MD. And the next month, another friend completed suicide. I deal with sadness, depression, grief, homicidal and suicidal ideation all-day-every-day at work.

It goes without saying that I didn’t feel like doing much. I was just barely keeping my head above water. I’m still not quite sure how I made it through. Actually, that’s not exactly true. My husband and daughter were phenomenal. My co-workers were there for me every minute and took over when I couldn’t handle a client. I went to therapy. I snuggled my dog. I cried. I’m still grieving but committed to taking each day as it comes.

Blogging was the last thing on my mind. I thought about it from time to time and have even kept taking photos of the changes we’ve been making.

Life is leveling out. The days come, and close, and come again. It’s Spring. A time for growth.

I’m hoping to start posting some updates. And we’ve got a lot of projects planned now that the sun is warming us once again.

Obligatory Introduction Post

I used to blog. It’s been half a decade or so since I quit. Life carries on…

I like documenting changes. I enjoy being able to look back and see where we came from.

There have been some big events in my life in the last year. I finished graduate school. Married the man I love (the father of my 13 year old daughter). Adopted a dog. And now we’re buying a house. And I’m changing jobs. And I had hysterectomy the same day we put our offer on the house.

Change. Constant.

I am a social worker by profession. A social change agent by passion. I’m a feminist, philanthropist-wanna-be, partner, mother, rabble-rouser, volunteer, fiber artist, friend, and Wichitan.

I love this city. I love this state. I am proud of where I come from. Current state and local administration not included.

As we go on the journey of turning a house we buy into a home, I wish to document the changes we make, but I know this blog will end up being about more than that. I tend to over-share. It’s my way. I believe in the power of the personal narrative to affect hearts and minds.

Who are you?