If you craft, you are likely familiar with the concept of STASH. Whether it is yarn, fabric, paper, wood… If you make things, you likely have  stockpile of materials with which to work with.

Yarn is my downfall.

I love color and feel of yarn. Hand-dyed, interesting texture, soft, squishy, cotton, wool, silk… Little moves my heart more than gorgeous yarn.

Because of this, I have a significant backlog of beauty.

For years I bought yarn that I didn’t feel competent to turn into the works of art they were capable of being.

Then I got better, but there were so many new options that I just.kept.buying.

Every time I instituted some sort of plan or “diet,” I failed miserably. There would be an exclusive/non-repeatable/special edition colorway or a great sale.

I was weak. I bought. And then the plan-diet was screwed, so why bother? Right?

The result is… I have a large, beautiful stash. One I truly do love.

And now, I have finally come to realize that I don’t have to buy every colorway I fall in love with, even if “it can never be repeated”or whatever. There will be more gorgeous yarn in the future, yarn I might even like better.

I’m not on a yarn-diet, but I am trying to rediscover the gems in my collection. I only buy with purpose and try to wait until there is a sale, but I don’t have to. But I really, really try to wait.

I get tempted frequently. As evidence: I took a short break from typing this and a post in the Ravelry group alerted me that one of my favorite dyers had been restocked at Eat.Sleep.Knit. I went to the site, I looked at all the colorways and dreamt of knitting beautiful things. I even searched for patterns on Rav. Then I took a deep breath, thought of all the things I want to do with the house (bathroom update, new sofa, kitchen update) and came back to reality. I have a lot of yarn I love. This yarn may sell out again in minutes, but it will be restocked eventually. This happens several times per week.

Last weekend, I catalogued all of my knitting needles and crochet hooks in a new bag and gifted a friend all of the ones I don’t like. I weeded out bags and notions I don’t like. I organized the Raskog I have dedicated to my knitting/crocheting supplies. I added a new crafting lamp and ejected the crappy Ott-Lite I never liked.

I always feel better when things are in order. I’ve noticed an increase in my knitting time in just the past few days since I made the changes. I’m now in the last quarter of a biggish project, which has lingered for a long time.

I’ve picked up a few patterns recently (on sale!) that will work well with some stashed yarn. I hope to start something new soon.

What is your next project? Will you use stash yarn or buy new?