The List

I’ve been running things through my head over the past week that we need to still do.

Life toppled over soon after we moved in and there are little things that never got completed.

  • Putting on a different doorknob to our back yard (there is an interesting story behind this).
  • Painting the doors.
  • Finding and printing photos for a shelf.
  • Making drawer dividers.
  • Verifying that all outlets have a cover.
  • Changing out a couple light fixtures.
  • Painting some trim.
  • Destroying all of the sticks our tree gives us.
  • Finish adding gutter protection.

Then there are the bigger projects…

  • Building bookshelves and display shelves in the living room.
  • Covering windows that used to face the backyard and now overlook our built-on laundry/mud room.
  • Pulling up plastic liners from the flower beds near the house and planting things we like.
  • Other landscaping like adding some flower beds around our trees, pulling out an old stump, moving some large plants, and adding a garden area.
  • Building a pantry area in the basement.
  • Possibly tiling our bathroom.
  • Adding a patio in back.

Some of them more dire than others, and none are the big, far out projects like redecorating the kitchen from bottom to top or finishing the basement, including adding a nice bathroom (instead of the minimalist/utilitarian one there now).

My goal is to have two “work” weekends per month now that the weather is better, where we knock out one or two things on the list.